LIS 9763 Blogosphere

Here is my very first blog post!

I just composed a short profile about myself, and I’m realizing how self-conscious I am about writing for this new (to me) medium. My exposure to blogs is limited (I’ve only ever read a smattering of isolated postings, and I’ve never actually followed a blog), so I’m excited to discover and experience what this communication forum can offer.

I was interested to learn a little about the etymology/meaning of the word blog, so I looked it up in the OED to find out that it comes from weblog: “A frequently updated web site consisting of personal observations, excerpts from other sources, etc., typically run by a single person, and usually with hyperlinks to other sites; an online journal or diary”. I’ve definitely come across the ‘personal observations’ component of blogs (usually in the form of angry rants). What really interests me, though, is the intertextual nature of blogs that have single authors, but that host multiple voices (i.e. excerpts from other sources, hyperlinks, comments) in a particular communicative environment.

I’m looking forward to participating in the LIS 9763 blogosphere!


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