A Few Hitches…And Commitment to the Process…

I encountered some hitches that needed to be worked out on my way to creating a mashup and posting the result online–and those hitches actually contributed to this learning experience.

First the “smooth sailing”: I activated my uwo web space account, and retrieved my Google Maps API key.

Using Mapbuilder was relatively straightforward, and I was able to mark the locations on the Google map of France without any trouble. That is, using Mapbuilder was straightforward when I deciphered which web browser could enable it to run. First, I tried Safari (I have a Mac), then I tried Google Chrome, and finally I downloaded Firefox (which is used in the video example posted on the class blog) and had success. After I created the map, I retrieved the source code.

Then, I downloaded Coda, which  is a text editor that has sftp functionality (this product has a free trial period, and was recommended to me by a friend). I pasted in the source code from Mapbuilder and edited the index.html file in my root directory (public_html folder). I added in the Google API key to the index.html file and saved. Finally, I refreshed my webpage and viewed the results (with excitement!).

This process took me over a week to complete. There were about six days of individual struggle, and there was one three hour period of problem-targeting, problem-solving, and success. I required some one-on-one, face-to-face assistance with this challenge, and I’m so glad I decided to ask my web-developer friend for assistance to work through the snags I needed to unravel in order to proceed (I asked for help on a whim, too…I was being a bit stubborn, trying to figure things out on my own).

Overall, the experience was excellent. I even learned a little bit about HTML coding, and discovered how to publish some additional text on my web page.

The greatest lessons: Even intimidating tech. challenges can be fun, it pays to ask for assistance, and I am capable of learning about tech. that at first seems out of my grasp. And commitment to the process doesn’t hurt!



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